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Podcast Stacked Diffs on GitHub with SPR!

Podcast How We Do API Design at Cord

Part 1 Don't Buy Cord; Build It Yourself

Part 2 Don't Buy Cord; Build It Yourself

Tech Pub Quiz #3

Launch notes Add smooth onboarding and top-notch service right inside your SaaS product

Launch notes Add engaging email alerts plus annotation mode

Tech Pub Quiz #2

Design stories Ben Longden

Let's kill the coding interview

How Sketch added collaborationAnd what other SaaS can learn from it

Launch notes Customize Cord!

Tech Pub Quiz #1

Funding announcement Cord is powering collaboration for companies like Typeform with our latest $17.5M round

Launch notes Add the Google Docs experience (and then some) to your product

Multiplexing Websockets with Apollo

Why is collaboration eating software?

Build together in Retool with Cord comments and annotations

The future of collaboration is here, but we need a mindset shift

State of Project Management in 2021 Report Reveals How Companies Use Task Managers

Work with your team directly in HubSpot with this add-on

Hey, Tom Hunt We know how to make B2B marketing ops even better

Heal your love-hate relationship with Mailchimp with this add-on

In flow and in context How to unlock that 10x productivity for your team

How in-app collaboration is changing the way we work

Enabling developer velocity

Cord + Slack = Collaborative magic ✨

Part 2 Server side tech picks

Part 1 Client side tech picks

Use Case Cord for bug reporting

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