Launch notes: Asynchronous communication just got easier.

Have Slack like conversations, add Google Doc or Figma style comments and drop pins on ANY website or internal tool to work more effectively with your team.

"It's like having access to screenshots, Slack, Jira and our site without having to go to all 4." - Cord user

Cord will simplify the way you work. Give feedback, leave documentation, and report issues quickly and easily with our two new features:

**NEW** Comment, annotate and create tasks on ANY website or web product

  • No code snippets. No special URLs. All you need is the browser extension.
  • Cord works wherever you do. Whether you're reporting bugs or working on email campaigns, start leaving comments and annotations, and creating Jira or Asana tasks on any page.
  • How to use Cord on any website:
    • The ability to mark up any page, see your notifications, and chat with teammates is a click away.
Use our redesigned launch button to open and close Cord. There when you need it, stays out of your way when you don't.
You can also disable the launch button for a set amount of time if you're going full heads-down.
  • **NEW** Conversations (threaded messages) allow for multiple discussions on the same page
    • Similar to Slack, you can now create multiple conversations on the same page. That way, you can discuss different topics without cluttering the chat bar.
    • For example, you can discuss copy changes for an email campaign in one conversation, and design feedback in another, all while staying on the email campaign editor page.
    • How to use conversations:
      • To join an existing conversation on a particular page, click the conversation, see all the messages, and at the bottom you'll be able to reply or collapse the conversation.
      • You'll be notified of messages in the conversation if you've written a message there, been mentioned, or been assigned a task.
      • To start a new conversation, click the Aa and type your first message.
      • You can share any message to Slack by selecting the drop down menu beside each message and selecting "Share to Slack" and the #channel you'd like to share it in. If you've taken any annotations, those will be included in a screenshot in the Slack message too.

In-app collaboration powered by Cord increases your focus and productivity and decreases friction and distraction, so you can get back to doing your best work.

Try it out for free.


Abby Barsky


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