Radical is a product-first company building tools that make modern day team collaboration better than it has ever been. Our culture is open, nurturing, and transparent. We want to hire brilliant people and give them all the freedom and context they need to do great work. At Radical, we believe in hiring for talent, hard work, and team alignment. You won't find managers chasing people for expense reports or requiring PTO approvals. We care about the work our team gets done, not about what time they clock in or which days they take off.

Because we're early stage, our most core value is iteration over perfection. We ship new features at least weekly. We're constantly trying to learn what we've missed or what we've gotten wrong. The team is curious, switched-on, and creative. Day by day, we're getting closer to a sticky product that our users love.

We’re looking for a senior engineer to join our team and help us build something great.

Our ideal teammate

  • cares more about getting things done more than making things perfect
  • likes delivering features and seeing how users respond to them
  • maintains mastery of their tools (Git, TypeScript, etc.)
  • feels comfortable in a startup environment where things change all the time
  • wants to work on a team that has Silicon Valley DNA, but European values
  • feels excited by having challenging work
  • creates clarity from ambiguity
  • finds multiple ways to solve hard problems and always chooses the most pragmatic solution


While the list below includes the core of our tech stack, it's worth pointing out that it doesn't matter if you know any of this on day one. We run onboarding sessions and trust that bright folks will learn our tech stack on the job.

  • React / GraphQL
  • Real-time / Apollo / WebSockets
  • TypeScript monorepo (server and client)
  • Postgres
  • AWS

If you'd like more info about our tech stack, check out these posts:


At Radical, we believe in making sure our team has the tools they need to do their best work. That’s why we supply each new hire with a new laptop (Mac or PC, whatever you prefer) when they join. In addition to that, we set up everyone with a 27-inch, 4k monitor. Whenever we get the chance to work in our office again, we also enjoy fully electric adjustable height desks (sit or stand). Because we want to be flexible as we grow, all our desks are on wheels. Need to work with someone? Just wheel your whole desk over. We also have free snacks delivered weekly to the office -- fruit, chocolate biscuits, seaweed snacks -- whatever the team wants.

We want a happy team, so we also make time for play in addition to the work. Every Friday at 4pm we stop working and have a social catch up. When we can work in the office, this means free drinks on us. Even while we’re remote, we still play games over video chat. Outside of work, we make sure people have the time to do what brings them joy, so we offer an official 25 holiday days per year, but no one keeps track of this and we don’t care how many days people take as long as they get good work done. We’re a high-trust, high-expectations company.


For this role, the expectation is that you’ll work alongside other senior technical team members and more junior folks, completing tasks and contributing to the technical direction of the company -- from CSS to server-side logic to database schemas to AWS infrastructure tradeoffs. You’ll be landing code daily and releasing code to production multiple times per week.

To us, a senior person should be able to handle key, unsolved problems that unblock company success. That might mean designing the schema for a new product feature. Or it might involve implementing a complex user interface using modern React and hooks. We expect our senior developers to be hungry generalists who can connect their work with company-level priorities. We’re looking for someone who has a clear track record of success at shipping big things and contributing to highly productive teams.

At Radical, we treat code review and mentorship of our team members as a first-class priority. Because of that, we expect our senior developers to support junior folks. We want to build a team of senior engineers who are exceptional technically as well as interpersonally. We value EQ, IQ, and pragmatism equally for our senior team members.

A Note About Culture

We don't judge engineers by number of years of experience. It doesn't matter if you don't already speak idiomatic TypeScript. Some of our engineers have advanced degrees or PhDs. Some of us dropped out of university. For us, it’s not about on-paper credentials. We're looking for someone who is eager to learn and excited to deliver a new product to the world. We're much more concerned with your curiosity than how long you've been doing the job.

Building a strong, diverse team is hard, but it's something we're taking really seriously. At the moment, we're a team of ten who speak 5 different languages and hail from 6 different countries. We deeply value people who can bring more diversity to our team. At the root of our company culture are things: pragmatism, technical excellence, and emotional intelligence. We value them equally. Our gender diversity isn’t great at the moment, but we’re actively working on it.

How We Work

We take a very collaborative, mentorship-oriented approach to engineering. We work hard to make sure every person's work is challenging and rewarding. Our expectations are high, but we complement that with lots of support. We believe in thoughtful code review and regular feedback through product reviews.
When new team members join, we spend a lot of the first month doing onboarding sessions for things like Git, TypeScript, our infrastructure, our deployment process, and much more. We make sure new team members have the support they need to hit the ground running.

To apply or learn more, e-mail us with your github link, or CV, or just a short note.

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