Research together.

The perfect collaboration tool for Data Science teams that want to move fast

Your new way to collaborate.

Leave comments on any cell. Get feedback and help with your queries. Annotate your charts. Talk where you work.

Productivity boost

Not having to switch between the product you're working in and your communication tool will speed you up.

Annotate any cell

Leave comments right inside your notebook

No screenshots

No need to take screenshots and annotate them or copy long URLs into chats and e-mail.

Notebook review

Use Radical to leave comments, ideas and suggestions on Jupyter notebooks

Comment in place

Leave your important notes on the charts they were discussing. No more searching 8 channels for one insight.

Analyse together

More minds are better than one - your team can tell you what's the solution to your problems

Stay on top

Get alerted when a metric changes, or when your teammate has something important to tell you about a dashboard.

Socialize data effectively, collaborating to deeply understand an issue and extract insights as a team. Pull in multiple sources, link them all together, and keep the discoveries right next to the data source.

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What tools does Radical work with?

Benefit from communication and productivity coming together in any tool in your data science stack

Jupyter and RStudio

Comment on specific cells, annotate charts and share charts across your stack.

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BigQuery to Mongo and beyond

Your data lives somewhere, but all the knowledge about how the schema is set up is elsewhere. Why not connect them?

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Tableau, Chartio and all that dash

Communicate about the data - faster, clearer and doesn't get forgotten like a screenshot.

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Snowflake, Airflow and more

Get help next to where the problem is - get everyone on the same page fast.

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Google Data Studio

Wherever your data is, Radical can help teams get the crucial info they need. No more "who knows what's that setting for?"

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We've got you covered

Regardless of your tool of choice, Radical can help collaborate. Learn more about making your stack multi-player

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See it in action

Takes a second to on-board. Saves hours per week.

Tom Pachys

"Any other product required us to switch out of our tool to collaborate. That can't work - you have to communicate where you work to be maximally productive."

Speed up your Data Science with Radical

You don't have to do analysis alone. Bring your team together.