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Cord brings annotations, co-browsing, lots of people editing together, plus a whole new bag of tricks to your product

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Collaboration API

Live chat

Teams can collaborate directly where they work by adding Slack-like chat inside your product


Give teams the ability to add Google Docs-style comments or visual annotations anywhere on your product


Users can invite and tag anyone from Slack or Teams

Voice & video

Inbox & alerts

Real-time presence

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Cord for Client Success

A direct touchpoint

Not only can your users work together as a team, but your client-facing teams can also speak to users directly to provide account management or customer support in the same place. Get started!

Broadcast API

Message your customers

Help customers discover everything they need to know about your product. Message your users in relevant places or automate notifications based on triggers you define

Matches your UI

Customizable colors to fit your design and feel integrated with your core experience

No separate login

Your users can start collaborating without creating a separate Cord account

Simple to add

One line of Javascript adds the entire set of collaboration features. Dive into our API Docs


We take your users’ security as seriously as you do. Read more about our security