Product Manager

London, UK

tl;dr: Cord — a way to collaborate in any SaaS tool — is hiring a first Product Manager. Come and join our friendly team of tech veterans, and shape how people work this decade. The opportunity is massive, and we won't burn you out. Details below.

Who is Cord?

Cord is a team of veteran engineers, designers, and product leaders from companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe and others, that brings the power of collaboration to every app. We've loved working together in products like Figma and Notion, and believe the rest of the internet should feel like that: connected, collaborative, multiplayer.

Our tools shape how we work, and at Cord we're building out a massive vision: A network connecting teams across all of their tools, letting them collaborate in context, staying in flow and enjoying powerful, rich modes of communication and productivity in a consistent and unified way. At the same time, this lets SaaS vendors plug into the platform that solves collaboration for their users in the best way possible, letting them focus on the unique value they add instead of chasing to reinvent chat. If you want to dig into this beyond what 1 para can capture, there's more & more thoughts about this.

Cord was founded by an early Facebook engineer and a PM from one of Facebook's acquisitions. It's backed by the world's top investors, who've built multi-billion $ companies and led the early investments in companies like Slack, Notion, Figma, Stripe, Robinhood and others. They believe our mission to make collaboration at work more effective will create the next exciting brand and make a dent in how teams accomplish things together, and they're in it to help us do that. You can listen to some of their thoughts here: NFX x Elad Gil, Index, Harry Stebbings x Jeff Morris Jr., Lars Rasmussen and others. We have the runway and their support to go after this and swing for the fences and beyond.

But we want to build this the right way: We're a friendly team of grownups who've done this before, and are in it for the long haul. We want to create an opportunity for all of us to do the best work of our lives. We want to create with like-minded, passionate tinkerers and product craftspeople. And we want to build the company that mixes the best from all the cultures we worked in: Transparent, egalitarian, supportive. In our experience, success and fulfillment comes from focus, quality tools, deliberation and honing your craft - not from thrash, arbitrary deadlines and all nighters. You can check out some of the team testimonials on Glassdoor (Hardly any threats were used to extract these.)

What's the opportunity?

We're looking for a first product manager to come and shape the future of work through horizontal collaboration.

This is one of those rare opportunities where the product alone makes the entire difference: We're not leveraging some regulatory loophole, selling money or access to a dataset, or an AI that finds the next affordable kicks. Cord will succeed based on the quality of our users' experience, and how magically productive and focused it helps them be. As the founding member of the product discipline, you'll be able to help us shape our approach and culture. This is something we're committed to investing in, enabling you to bring great ideas to life.

This role is ideal for someone that has extensive product management experience but wants to go early stage, with all the opportunity and scope that brings. If you ever want to start your own company, this is the role and the stage to join: You'd be working closely with the founders and influence our strategy.

What will I be doing?

Like all startup roles, there will be a huge mix of work. You might be presenting our strategy to the board one day and filing UI bugs the next. You're both steering at 30,000 feet, and sweeping the driveway.

Big things:

  • Define our product roadmap, working cross-functionally with the entire team - marketing, founders, design, engineering, etc. - to bring strategy and priorities to match with product functionality and our hands-on-keyboards capacity.
  • Run metrics and user research-driven product development iterations, setting KPIs and goals and helping the team reach its potential.
  • Find solutions to problems ranging from the new user experience to core functionality and getting multiple constituents' jobs to be done - from end users in different roles to SaaS vendors and admins.

Little, but important, things:

  • Run user interviews.
  • Be the user's voice, making sure the execution matches expectations and prioritise delivery, delight, robustness, performance to maximize impact.
  • Brainstorm with the team about the next features to build and then put most of them in the backlog, never to be seen again.

What can I bring?

  • Experience in early-stage product management - running user interviews, leading brainstorming, roadmapping and agile product development, ideally in productivity or B2C, or a web-based user-facing and product-led B2B SaaS.
  • A flexible, egoless, arbitrator's mindset that looks to take in opinions, involve as many people as possible and influence the right outcome, fostering wins for others.
  • Abstract systems thinker, capable of comfortably waddling interminably in 'problem space', empathizing deeply with a host of different user's needs before emerging with the underlying principle and an approach to solving the need.
  • A passion for action and a rich toolbox of processes and frameworks to pick and choose from as fit and chuck aside as easily.
  • An unrelenting itch to solve a big problem and experience the adventure of leading a team from start to finish through that maze, growing, teaching and learning from that journey.

What can you offer me?

  • A very competitive salary and early-stage stock options
  • Best available private health and dental cover for you and dependents
  • Unlimited PTO
  • A parent-friendly culture
  • Whatever equipment you need, and a generous career education stipend to spend on Reforge/Lenny's newsletter or your preferred workshops, books etc.
  • Local (Shoreditch, London) - Tue-Thu in office and Mon, Fri work from home, and a thoughtful, focused culture minimizing unnecessary meetings.
  • What else? We're new, shape it with us!
  • Becoming an expert in the fundamentals of product management from scratch and into scale. You will have support and guidance from our team of veteran operators with multiple exits and experiences in key positions at $1B+ companies behind them.

Interested? Touch base with us at