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Team led growth

Single-player SaaS is dead; the future is collaborative. Users inviting and working with their teammates directly in your product drives unmatched organic growth, retention and engagement.

10x your user base

Multiplayer products are the future


Seat expansion

Slack and email invites help your users bring their teammates into your product. They can @mention anyone they need to chat with, and you gain adoption among their team.

A stickier product

When teams use a product together, a single person’s decision isn’t enough to leave a product. The knowledge and discussion that’s been built up in your product becomes a part of its value to the team.

Increase engagement

Users spend more time in sticky, collaborative products. Imagine a world where teams work together without context switching and app toggling just to complete one task.

Join the next big shift

Everyone is invited

Team-led Growth is the secret sauce of the fastest-growing products we see today — the Figmas, Notions, and Airtables of the world. Every vertical will have a collaboration-first winner.

How does it work?


Users can @mention anyone via Slack or email, and include files or annotations in the invite

Accept & Join

The @mentioned user receives a branded, personalized email or Slack message prompting them to join the conversation. Clicking any links in the invite takes them exactly to the message in your product.

Give them a seat

When someone new is invited over email or Slack, you can decide whether that person gets a full view of your product, a view only seat, or whatever works best.

Hear from TLG companies

Chris from Typeform says:

“Typeform customer’s top feature request was a way to work with teammates on a Typeform. We took that feedback, listened, and partnered with Cord to create the best form collaboration tool on the market.”


Jun 10th, 2022

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