Get teams talking

in your product

Add collaboration to your product in under an hour. Our SDK helps you re-imagine your app with a rich, real-time collaboration experience - in minutes, not months.

Everything your users need

Cord comes with everything your users need for a rich collaboration experience: from live chat and commenting, to annotations, live presence and integrations.

Collaborative products
grow faster

Attract, engage and retain users by adding new ways for them to work together in your product. Let your users invite their teams through @mentions and share via emails - and watch your user base grow.

Customize the
entire experience

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. You can match your brand by changing colours, fonts and styling, and implement our SDK to fit natively into your product's workflow.

Buy vs Build makes sense

“I had to explain to our CEO why we buy and not build in-house… Once I showed him the demo, with all the features he said 'Okay, I get it'”

Product Manager,

Cord powers collaboration in


Experts in collaboration

“Cord’s collaboration experience is leaps ahead of what we could have built in house.”

Tyze Whorton, Group Product Manager

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Explore our Collaboration Guides to play around with adding Cord to your product today.


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Cord powers collaboration in

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