Thank you & goodbye

Cord's hosted service (both free and paid versions), and the company, is shutting down in August. However, Cord's code is becoming open source, and you can freely use it in your own infrastructure.

Shutting down is sad for us - Cord's employees, the clients who supported us along the journey, and investors. But we are very happy to be supported by our team and our investors in the decision to make Cord free for everyone to use. We have worked hard for years to make it easy for any developer to add real-time commenting and collaboration in their app, and we've built a solution used by tens of thousands of people across products and industries - from video players to digital whiteboards, collaborative drawing applications to finance and BI tools, and many more. We are deeply thankful to our customers for their support, feedback, and belief in us. We are incredibly proud of what we've accomplished, and incredibly grateful to our investors for their trust, support, advice - and for pushing for the right ending, where Cord is available for everyone to use.

If you're using Cord now, or want to get collaboration into your app, our Open Source repository (more details coming shortly) contains all the details about how to install the backend service, and the entire code for the SDK that you can host, package and ship with your application.

We hope that Cord will continue to benefit people, develop and grow in your applications. We can't wait to see what you build next.

- The Cord Team