Who are we?

We're a team of designers, engineers, and product craftspeople that has collected some secrets from our tenures at leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Adobe. Now, we're using those secrets to make collaboration at work more effective.

What does effective collaboration look like?

Connected, collaborative, multiplayer.

We love working together in products like Figma and Notion, and believe the rest of the internet should feel like that: connected, collaborative, multiplayer. Single-player is so 2020. Read more about our vision.

Who's involved?

The teams we support are already world class.

Leading companies like Typeform have trusted us to bring intuitive collaboration to 100,000s of their users. Top investors behind Notion, Slack, Figma, Canva, and Stripe also trust us to lead the way, and are investing in us to finally make this a reality.

Where are we from?

We've written code, designed, and launched products for:

Be part of the future of work

Work with us

We're looking for more humble, curious people who love their craft and are candid in sharing their thoughts and feelings. We're London-based with an office in Shoreditch waiting for our safe return. See our open roles.