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2023 August Product Round-Up

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Title image with words: August Product Round-Up: Hackathon Edition

Forget static images. Share and view videos instead!

Gif showing COrd implemented into a video player with comment list on the side

While Cord has always supported images inline, we hadn’t yet cracked inline video. Until now (thanks Josh!).

Whether it’s a screen recording of a bug, or just a cute video of a pet (both are shared frequently in our office), users can easily share and view videos in Cord integrations, without having to download them.

Automatically add text, reactions, and more to messages before they’re delivered

Gif showing adding a message to a paused video frame

We’re in the business of delighting developers, and they often ask to be told about a message before it’s sent. This could be to kick-off some action or workflow in their app, or to modify the message in some way.

Maybe they want to add additional text to a message like a timestamp 👆🏽 or a suffix. Maybe they want to file a support ticket after a customer sends a message to a chatbot. There’s a truly infinite number of use cases, and it’s all been made possible by Adam and our new hook.

Now, we pass customers the entire object they would use to create a message in our public API, allowing them to use our feature-rich composing components while still retaining full control over what messages get sent.

Use Markdown to style your comments inline ✨

Communicate more clearly via comments with inline text styling that allows users to bold and italicize text, and even use monospace fonts inline. This is especially handy for DevOps tools, and makes it easier for folks to express themselves.

While, sure, this may be considered table stakes in a communication platform like Slack, developers will know it’s no easy feat to make it work properly. Team effort on this one!

Let’s say, for example, a user typed x*y + w*z.

We wanted to make sure it looked like that 👆🏽 instead of like this: xy + wz. And we succeeded.

Real-time chat and presence in seconds with Cord’s Remix 💿 starter pack

Gif showing installation of Cord remix starter pack and running the app to see Cord components

We don’t want to insert ourselves into the Remix vs. Next.JS argument, but we do want to share the new Remix starter pack Ludo created.

Using these, you can get real-time chat and presence up and running locally with a single command. Check it out on GitHub here.

Explore what’s possible with Cord’s new demo apps

Wanna get started with Cord ASAP? Alberto built new and improved demo apps with open source code to show off our new components and APIs (some of which were shipped during the hackathon) and inspire developers and designers to re-imagine their product with rich, real-time chat and collaboration.

Some of these demo apps should look familiar.

See this commenting experience? That’s not Google Docs. It’s Cord.

Screenshot of using Cord to build a Google docs clone

And this? Nope, not Graphy. Us again.

Cord implemented inside a bar chart

Stay in touch

That’s it for this month! If you’re an existing customer who wants to learn more about any of these updates, get in touch.

If you’re new here, you can learn more about Cord and see if collaboration is right for your product here, get started for free here, or book a demo here. And if you want to keep up with Cord and our ever-evolving product, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.