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You Can Now Build an AI Chatbot With Cord

Jackson GabbardJackson Gabbard
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Update, May 2024: We've released our own Chatbot and AI SDK to make it even easier to integrate with Cord. Check out our getting started guide (including chatbot example code) to learn more!

The AI revolution continues, and a new player has joined the party: AI Assistants 🤖

In the last month alone, Google introduced Duet AI, Postman rolled out Postbot, and Vareto launched Vareto AI. Suddenly everyone needs a way to get AI assistants into their app, and well… here we come!

Cord has joined the chat.

We ate our own dogfood and used Cord’s APIs to build Cordy, a helpful AI Assistant that lives on our Docs page. (We also built Zaide, a truly profound tech advisor who will answer your most pressing questions about building effective products and teams. Sarcasm included.)

Feeling left out on the AI bot trend? Don’t! Because with Cord’s new Message APIs, you can add an AI Assistant to your product quickly, with minimal code.

What APIs and UI components do I need to build a chatbot?

Cord already had all the server-side APIs and UI components you’d need to create kick-ass bots… but we’ve taken it a step further.

We’ve rolled out new API endpoints to get, list, and most importantly create messages in Cord conversation threads, and our event webhook infrastructure allows you to receive all the messages for your applications in real-time. We’ve also opened up our core message data model. Now you can receive the full message data object and create your own message data objects as well.

That means when one of your users sends a message in a thread, you can receive that message in real-time on your backend, and - if you want - respond to it.

Of course, there are a bunch of extras that make this a great experience for your users. You can customize your bot with a profile photo, user name, etc. You can also use our hot-off-the-press Typing Indicator API to let your users know when your bot is getting ready to respond to them.

TLDR: It takes the chat features our customers already know and love - like @mentions, file uploads, typing indicators, seen states, intuitive UI, and user avatars - and combines them with all the ingredients necessary for a killer AI-Human experience.

This opens the door to an almost infinite number of integrations (we explore some of these below).

What can I build with Cord’s new Message and Thread APIs?

While - yes - Cord’s new APIs make it easy for you to integrate with AI/LLM systems like OpenAI or Anthropic, the use cases aren’t limited to AI Assistants. Far from it. You could also:

  • Speed up onboarding processes by giving your customers and implementation teams a place to talk directly in your product. You can send your users helpful onboarding messages directly using Cord.
  • Set-up a system status bot that adds meaningful content to conversations like progress indicators. You can draw your users back to your application when long-running processes are completed by sending them a helpful message, and notify them using our Notification API.
  • Analyze the messages your users are sending to each other - or your AI Assistant - to understand what they’re talking about
  • Integrate with 3rd party support platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, and Help Scout
  • Build your own deep Slack integrations
  • Integrate information sources to create a single system of records that helps you streamline administrative processes

Back to AI Assistants. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with it:

  • Give your end-users a place to work with each other and your AI Assistant in your app. This could be to brainstorm, analyze data, or research.
  • Help end-users explore your product functionality, resources, or pricing. Your bot can be an always-on expert that knows all your FAQs and documents. That’s what we did! Check out Cordy, our Docs Bot.
  • Provide multilingual support. Most popular LLMs can work seamlessly in every major language. Your bot will be able to understand and answer questions in whatever language the user is speaking – even if your documentation is not written in that language
  • Give users a better way to navigate your Docs and find the information, links, and code they’re looking for

Get started

Want to build your own chatbot or AI Assistant? Great idea! If you’re a current customer, just shoot us a message and we’ll help you get set-up. If you’re not yet a customer, you can sign up, learn more or book a demo here.

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