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2023 June Product Round-Up

Colleen Jiang
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It’s been another busy month at Cord, with over a dozen new features and components released or updated. See everything that’s new on our changelog, or keep reading to explore what some of these updates mean for your end-users and developers.


Say goodbye to Cord’s app in your Slack workspace (if you want…)

With our new REST APIs and events webhook, it’s now quick and easy for developers to integrate Cord with other aspects of their product, and trigger white-labeled, native notifications in existing Slack channels.

This will help end-users stay on top of @mentions, threads, and to-do’s, boost engagement, drive seat expansion, and give our customers one more opportunity to put their brand front and center.

Check out this guide to learn more, including how to set-up this up in your existing Slack app, and don’t forget: you can enable white-label email domains, too.

Play with live demos on our Docs to see what you can do with Cord

Want to play around with our components and visualize changes to different parameters…without having to do any actual coding? Now you can!

It doesn't look like anything to me.

Give the live demos a try on our Thread, Threaded Comments, and Composer pages in Docs

See everything that’s happening in your Cord Console

You asked for more visibility, and we delivered.

We exposed all threads and messages via a REST API, and gave you a quick and easy way to see the messages being sent and received in console.cord.com

This way, you can run analyses, see how users are collaborating in your product, and even clean up threads created in testing.

Customize every aspect of Cord’s components with CSS

We want our customers to be able to customize every aspect of our components to match their brand’s look and feel, no matter how visually complex it is. That’s why we moved away from Web Components with a shadowRoot that could only be customized using CSS variables, to stable class names which enable developers to write any CSS.

It doesn't look like anything to me.

Yep, that means now you can easily change individual components colors and sizes, and even animate them. You could even re-create the commenting experience in Google Docs or Figma pixel-by-pixel if you wanted 😏

Learn more about how (and why) we ditched the shadowDOM here.

Add and customize your own comment section with our open-source Threaded Comments component

Want to add a comment section to a page in your product or application that’s similar to YouTube’s or Reddit’s? Now you can.

Our new Threaded Comments component aggregates all comments in one place, giving users a holistic view of all activity on a particular page, and a way to reply and react in-line. Importantly, this component handles real-time message and reaction updates, as well as badging for unread messages out-of-the-box. Trust us, this isn’t something you’d want to tackle in-house…

And, because it’s open-source, developers can customize its look and feel and functionality by simply copying the source code and modifying it in their code base. Boom!

Learn more here.

Stay in touch

That’s it for this month! If you’re an existing customer who wants to learn more about any of these updates, get in touch.

If you’re new here, you can learn more about Cord and see if collaboration is right for your product here, or book a demo here. And if you want to keep up with Cord and our ever-evolving product, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.