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Launch notes Add smooth onboarding and top-notch service right inside your SaaS product

Learn about Cord for client success, Slack integration improvements, emoji reactions, resolving threads, and more

 Add smooth onboarding and top-notch service right inside your SaaS product


Introducing Cord for Client Success

One of your most highly requested features is here. With Cord for Client Success, not only can your users work together as a team, but your client-facing teams can also speak to users directly to provide account management or customer support in the same place.


Allow your users to invite their teams to your SaaS with engaging, easy-to-understand email invites. You’re totally in control of the invite flows, so when your clients share a page, you can benefit from the growth.

Email invites were key to Miro’s 300% YoY growth.


Slack integration improvements

Users can share messages or invite people to collaborate in your product via Slack. When a user gets a Slack with a link to an annotation or message in your product, clicking that will take them to exactly that annotation or message, open within your product, automatically. Hello, more Team-led Growth 👋

We’ve even gotten special permission from Slack that lets messages come directly from your users rather than a bot. Because who wants to talk to a bot? ❌🤖

Add the Slack integration

Add polished collaborative features


Must read (or watch!): The Ultimate Build vs. Buy Framework

To build or not to build (in-house)? That is the question that all SaaS product and engineering teams face when beefing up product features. So what’s best when?

Learn the 7 considerations

Abby Barsky


Feb 1st, 2022

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