Launch notes: Match your product's look & feel

Collaboration just got more customizable

↳ Collaboration via Cord perfectly matches your brand's look and feel. Partners get complete customization of the collaborative features, including colors and the copy/design of onboarding messages. We've also added the ability to fully design the button and embed it in your UX.

↳ Coming soon: More fine-grained control over the comments feed – from fonts, colors, to its placement inside your product.

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Anonymous animals don't increase engagement, this will

↳ As much as we love the anonymous wombats that appear in Google Docs, seeing teammates' profile pictures will encourage more engagement from your users. Make your product more of a hub for teams with our face pile upgrades.

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Slack integration for your tool

↳ Your users Slackin' away: sending screenshots and links from your product to get feedback or ask for approvals. Embedded collaboration allows anyone to share message threads and annotations (with screenshots!) directly to Slack.

↳ We've even gotten special permission from Slack that lets messages come directly from your users rather than a bot. Because who wants to talk to a bot?

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UI updates: All the small (important) things

↳ We refine your users' collaboration experience so you don't have to. We obsess over UI details to get teams working together in seconds (without help center articles or how-tos). We've improved how the inbox and button work to make it crystal clear when and how many notifications you have.

Coming in early 2022

  • Reply via email: Reply to Cord messages directly via branded email notifications
  • Annotation mode: Keep all annotations floating on the screen for easier access
  • Multiple cursors: Follow teammates' mouses (mice?) in real time
  • Developer portal: Set up your features faster with a simple log in
  • SOC 2 compliance: 'Nuff said.

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