Launch notes: Add engaging email alerts plus annotation mode

Keep the convo going with email

↳ Entice your user's teammates to join the convos happening in your tool. Users who are @mentioned get more context with screenshots, annotations, files, and previous messages in personalized and customizable emails.

↳ From there, users can reply via email or go directly into your tool, where they can sign up for an additional seat or use a view only seat (you decide!).

Add email alerts

Get involved faster with direct links

↳ Your users can now join convos even faster to answer questions, get approvals and give their feedback. If a user gets an email or Slack message with a link to an annotation or message, clicking that will take them to exactly that annotation or message, open within your product, automatically.

Get your users talkin'

See all annotations at once

↳ Give your users a birds-eye view of all the annotations so they can stay updated on all their team's conversations. Clicking on an annotation pin opens the relevant message so they can jump in where they're needed. All annotations can be hidden with a single click, too.

Annotation mode, on

Coming in early 2022

  • Dev portal: Get your API keys and adjust settings such as colors, logos, onboarding messages, and payment details
  • MORE customization and components: Pick and choose the right features for your users
  • Multiple cursors: Follow teammates' mouses (mice?) in real time
  • SOC 2 compliance: 'Nuff said.

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Abby Barsky