Launch notes: Add the Google Docs experience to your product – and then some

↳ First, we gave your users pins to drop annotations on any part of your tool. Now, they can highlight text and create Google Docs-style comments too! Welcome your users' teams into your product by allowing them to leave feedback, ask questions, or get approval quickly and clearly.

Give users the ability to annotate

↳ Users can now resolve threads in the collaboration sidebar. That way, when a team finishes a project, or ships a campaign, teammates can declutter their workspace. Not to worry, though, they'll still be able to refer back to resolved threads by scrolling down to "Resolved threads" towards the bottom of the sidebar.

Keep calm and resolve on

↳In addition to our free Chrome extension, add the best collaborative features natively in your product, all with a single line of Javascript.

↳ We just announced our partnership with Typeform doing just that – giving their 120,000+ users the ability to work together directly inside Typeform. We're using our $17.5 million fundraise to make this a reality for even more tools (yours included!).

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→ Sidebar open and closed events. You can now tell if a user has the sidebar open or closed, as well as the width of the sidebar. That way, you can adjust the UI accordingly and offer the smoothest experience for your users.

→ Better tools for single-page-app developers. We've given you more control over when the sidebar appears to give single page apps user-friendly collaborative features.

→ Segment integration. You can now get a real-time events stream for analytics with our Segment integration to understand your user's full journey: when they send messages, use annotations, or mention and invite their teammates, as a few examples.

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