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Cord + Slack = Collaborative magic ✨

Add comments and annotate inside any tool you use at work, get updates in Slack

With Cord, you can annotate, @mention, and create tasks while using other SaaS tools, so your team can collaborate right where they are working. Connecting Cord and Slack unlocks the ability to work side-by-side in SaaS tools and Slack.

Slack is a communication hub for many teams. But in reality, you work in many other tools, too. As soon as you start working in another tool, whether it’s Google Analytics, Webflow, or HubSpot, you have to send links and screenshots from the tools back into Slack to get your team up to speed.

With Cord and Slack, comment in context in any tool and see all messages consolidated in Slack. You’ll never send a link or screenshot again.

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Feb 15th, 2021

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