Client Success

Provide smooth onboarding and top-notch service right inside your SaaS product. Not only can your clients work together as a team in your product, but you can speak to users directly using live chat, annotations, and more.

The Status Quo

A user of a piece of expensive software -- your software -- has a problem. They're blocked from using the software they pay for. What do they do?

Well, the status quo is that they click the little icon in the bottom right, type a message, and get an auto-response email. Then they wait.

Minutes... or maybe hours... or maybe days later, they get an email from a client success rep who wants to help them get unblocked.

To make matters worse, that client success rep has to start from zero, over email:

  • What was the problem?
  • How did you encounter the problem?
  • What were you trying to do?
  • Can you email a screenshot of the error message?
  • Please read this docs page explaining how to use that feature

Then, two weeks later, a new joiner at the same company has the same problem, and guess what they do? Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The process is slow, frustrating, and full of disconnects. All of these problems stem from the same root: The client success rep isn't in the software with the person they're trying to help.

Use Cord to help people where they are

Building client success features using the Cord SDK means you're playing a completely different game. Using our UI components for real-time chat, you can build an in-product customer support experience -- in days -- that greatly exceeds what you can get from bottom-right-hand-corner-chat-pop-ups which shall not be named.

Why is Cord so much better?

  • Automatic screenshots with every message -- when the user says "I'm getting an error", the client success rep can see the error directly in the chat conversation. No copy-pasta. No fiddling around trying to remember the screenshot command keys. No email attachments that didn't get forwarded.
  • Chat and @-mentions people instantly understand: Speak to your users exactly how they already collaborate with their team. No new interfaces to learn, or tools to use– personalized customer support and account management is just an @mention away.
  • Team-friendly support: Cord conversations are shared by teams of users. So when your client success rep answers the question for one users, they can easily have that message be visible -- even pinned -- in the UI where the conversation happened.
  • Onboard faster: Seeing exactly where your users are, and being able to annotate and chat on the same page, allows your client-facing teams to give customers more immediate, and better, responses. No more waiting for them to send a screenshot or hopping on a quick call.

How does it work?

Better than live chat

Users simply @mention the name of your company or their account representative. Then, your company or specific people can chat, annotate, and add attachments directly with their clients as they onboard, discover features and become super users.

What does it replace?

  • Intercom: Oops, did I say we wouldn't mention them? Don’t make your clients 🙄 with an auto-responder chatbot. Ditch generic messages for the ability to see exactly where your key clients are and provide better client service
  • Emails: Go beyond emails with screenshots and long explanations, be side-by-side in the product with your key clients
  • User frustration! Frustrated users churn. Come to the rescue before that happens to turn them into loyal advocates and superusers.

How does set up work?

Easy and customizable

Once you’ve added collaboration, customize the look and feel of your in-context support in our developer console. Connect your ticketing system, Zendesk, or Slack, or check messages in our support inbox.


Jun 14th, 2022