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Combine Cord’s UI Components and APIs to add chat, live presence, notifications, annotations and so much more to your product in minutes. Keep users on your platform by giving them the power to collaborate in context.

A thread, avatar, and live cursor are combined to show a comment and reply on a whiteboard canvas.


First class chat features out-of-the-box. Promote community in your product and provide quality support by connecting users to speak with each other or your team in real-time.

Live Presence

Live Presence

Keep contributors in multi-user apps like editors, dashboards and documents sync. Display the state of other online and offline users with with live cursors, avatars, last seen tooltips and more.



Keep users up to date with critical information and bring them back to the context in your platform with custom notifications. We take care of pagination, badging logic, and real-time updates.

Comments & annotations

Comments & annotations

Shorten feedback loops with in-app commenting. Allow users to start discussions and leave feedback on videos, dashboards, documents, canvases, and more.

Integrated, In-App Chat

Add chat to your product in a few lines of code. Start, manage, and track conversations anywhere in your product. Onboard customers, offer support, build community, and help users find the information they need, when they need it.

  • Engage your users with a rich feature set. Typing indicators, formatting and markdown, file attachments, read receipts, reactions, and the ability to edit and delete messages; all out-of-the-box with Cord
  • Easily connect Cord’s APIs to ChatGPT for an AI Assistant, or to Zendesk for a support channel
  • Read and write message data to build a unique messaging UI which seamlessly integrates with your front end
  • Analyze messages to inform your product roadmap, GTM strategy, and more

Multiple people adding comments to a page, in the style of the commenting experience in Google Docs

Comments & annotations

Creative collaboration requires context. Transform how users interact with text, charts, canvases, videos, and tables. Discussions stay pinned to specific points to make feedback, editing, analysis, and sign-off faster and easier.

A comment thread shows two people working together to edit a video. Avatars on the video progress bar show where other users have left comments.
  • Display comments at the right place, and at the right time, without cluttering the screen
  • Provide an easy way for users to discuss specific elements, and keep a paper trail of discussions and decisions in app
  • Automatically send screenshots to users when they’re @mentioned so it’s clear what’s being talked about
  • Make it easy for users to invite their teams, reply in-line, add attachments, and react with emojis

Live presence

Let users see who's online at the same time as them, and who’s viewed a particular page in the past. Show who’s working where and when to boost engagement and productivity in collaborative tools and community spaces.

Live cursors, page presence, a notification bell, and a comment show how users can collaborate in a dashboard.
  • Bring teams together to collaborate in real-time with typing indicators, live cursors, profile photos and last visit tooltips
  • Automatically pull profiles photos, user names, and other information from tools like Slack
  • Customize avatars to fit natively with your product UI
  • Track ephemeral and durable presence, and ensure low latency for with Cord’s Presence API


Alert users when someone replies to a thread, reacts to a message, or @mentions them, and use our REST API to trigger custom notifications.

  • Let users manage and archive notifications in-app, and use deep linking to make reacting and responding quick and easy.
  • Create a fully customizable notification system that works out-of-the-box. We take care of pagination, badging logic, and real-time updates.
  • Use our APIs and webhooks to push notifications to a separate internal tool, or trigger a custom workflow in your app
  • Integrate with Slack and email, and give your customers the power to customize their experience per-thread and per-platform
A notification list shows timestamped activity in a canvas application.


Out-of-the-box features don’t have to feel like an add-on. Use CSS to set fonts, colors, and sizes and easily tweak small but important details so your Cord-powered collaboration UX feels 100% native.

  • Every piece of Cord UI is customizable, with a developer experience worth shouting about.
  • Use our example library to re-create the commenting experience in Google Docs, Figma, or Notion
  • Built with good old Vanilla CSS, so you can hack away to build a pixel-perfect experience for your app
  • Want to mock-up a quick POC? Use our Figma template to see exactly how collaboration could fit into your product
A code snippet shows how you can use CSS to customize the background, border, and color of UI elements.

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