Front End Developer

London, UK

tl;dr: Cord — a way to collaborate in any SaaS tool — is hiring a front end developer to build Come and join our friendly team of tech veterans, and shape how we tell our story to the world. We pay well and won't burn you out!

We're building out our engineering function at Cord. Combining the art of design, with the art of programming you'll be working closely with Engineering, Marketing and Design to help us bring our product to the people who want it!

Your work will include:

  • Implementing designs to pixel perfection
  • Developing on top of the CMS we use to power
  • A smattering of operations (depending on your appetite!)
  • Contributing to a component-based React codebase

Though your mission will be to deliver beautiful content, you will be a part of our engineering team. You'll receive code review and mentorship from our senior engineers. Our engineering team is largely ex-Facebook/ex-Google/ex-Amazon but also includes coding bootcampers and people with no formal technical background at all.

We'll teach you everything you need to know (that you don't already know) to be successful in this role. This is absolutely a growth-oriented role where you could easily cross over into working in other areas of our codebase over time.

We want to hire someone hungry to learn and grow. And we know that talented people deserve competitive pay.

Tech Stack

  • Vanilla JS (for now -- TypeScript is in the near future!)
  • React
  • Sanity CMS/Studio
  • NextJS/Vercel


The role requires 27 years of experience, minimum. Just kidding. We don't care how many years of experience you have. What we're looking for is:

  • CSS skills (flex box, responsive layouts in particular)
  • An eye for pixel-perfection
  • Respectable abilities in JavaScript and hunger to grow technically
  • Growth mindset and an eagerness to dive into new problems


  • Experience with React
  • Experience with Sanity CMS
  • Experience doing basic DevOps

If this sounds like an opportunity for you apply here! We'd love to hear from you!