Product Designer

London, UK

tl;dr: Cord — a way to collaborate in any SaaS tool — is hiring a Product Designer. Come and join our friendly team of tech veterans, and design the future of collaboration at work. We pay well and won't burn you out. Details below.

Who is Cord?

Cord is a small team of veteran engineers, designers, and product leaders from companies like Facebook, Google, and Oculus that brings the power of collaboration to every SaaS tool. We love working together in products like Figma and Notion, and believe the rest of the internet should feel like that: connected, collaborative, multiplayer. Single-player is so 2020 (and we all know how that turned out).

Founded by two early Facebook employees, we're extremely well funded and in a great position to bring our vision to life. In fact, the investors behind Slack, Notion, Figma, and Stripe are bought in on our mission to make collaboration at work more effective. Check out this post by our CEO, Nimrod to learn more.

We're a friendly team of people who've done this before, and we're in it for the long haul. We want to foster a culture where you can work in a way that suits you, and create an opportunity for you to do the best work of your life.

What's the opportunity?

We're hiring a Mid/Senior Product Designer to help design the future of collaboration at work. You'll be working on a range of projects across the entirety of Cord — being early stage means we don't have sub-teams — so your voice (and eye) will help shape every aspect of our product.

Projects we're working on range from setting up our onboarding flow, through to defining the whole way users interact with our app within their browser. You'll partner with every team in the company, working closely with our design lead, product leadership, and the engineering team.

What will you be doing?

  • Owning and driving large projects (examples above), from product thinking through to overseeing implementation
  • Working cross-functionally with product and engineering. You'll spend a lot of time thinking through ideas, possibilities, and constraints; and will be relied on to give and receive thoughtful feedback
  • Helping develop and establish a design system. We're new and what we have is being iterated on very quickly
  • Helping recruit and interview new team members, and actively improve our inclusive design hiring process

We work in Figma, but aside from that you're free to bring a process and set of tools that suits you. Like prototyping in Framer? Great! Give a tech talk to the team on it.

What will you bring?

  • Around 4-5 years experience in a startup or tech company, where your designs have been built, shipped, and iterated on
  • A portfolio of work showing your product design skills, and (importantly!) the thinking behind your work. Why did you do it a certain way? What were the constraints, the trade-offs, and the alternatives? If it was a big project, what was your role specifically?
  • A desire to work in an early stage environment, with all the scope and ambiguity that brings.
  • You don't need to code, but you understand the basic principles of how modern web apps are built.

What can we offer you?

  • A very competitive salary and early-stage stock options
  • Private health and dental cover for you and dependents
  • Unlimited holiday days
  • A parent-friendly culture
  • Whatever equipment you need
  • What else? We're new, shape it with us!

If this sounds like it could be for you Apply Here!