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tl;dr: Ignore this job description; this is another miscellaneous tech startup with meh founders and like a vaguely crypto AI mission statement.

tl;dr ps: That’s a joke. Job descriptions are boring. We’re trying to spice things up.

Who is Cord?

Far from “meh” — our team is clearly at least “not too bad.” We’re a team of veteran engineers, designers, and product leaders from companies like Facebook, Google, Lyft, Twitter, Adobe, DeepMind and others. We bring the power of collaboration to every app. We’ve loved working together in products like Figma and Notion, and believe the rest of the internet should feel like that: connected, collaborative, multiplayer.

The tools people use shape how people work. At Cord, we’re building out a massive vision: a complete toolkit for collaboration that works in any existing software tool. With our stuff, a tech team can turn their own software into a rootin’, tootin’ collaborate-in-context supercharged version of its self. Their users can stay in-flow and enjoy powerful, rich modes of communication and productivity like in-app chat, annotations, and so much more. If you want to dig into this beyond what one paragraph can capture, there’s more here.

Cord was founded by an early Facebook engineer (Jackson) and a PM from one of Facebook’s acquisitions (Nimrod). Jackson was one of the first two engineers at the Facebook London office and helped it grow from 0 to 450 engineers. Nimrod did the same in Tel-Aviv with the University Graduate pipeline. We’ve interviewed thousands of people between us, overseen pipelines, and worked closely with recruiters. We deeply get, respect, and appreciate the challenges of recruiting and the value of investing in recruiters. We aim to execute a comprehensive, multi-touch recruiting strategy, and employment brand. We’re ready to invest the effort and time it takes to pull a great team together.

Fortunately, we’re backed by the world’s top investors (like for real though). Folks who have built multi-billion dollar companies and led the early investments in companies like Slack, Notion, Figma, Stripe, Robinhood and others. They believe our mission will create the next exciting tech brand and make a dent in how teams accomplish things together. They’re in it to help us do that. You can listen to some of their thoughts here: NFX x Elad Gil, Index Ventures, Harry Stebbings x Jeff Morris Jr., Lars Rasmussen, and others. We have the runway and the tailwind to help get the best talent excited.

We really want to build the sort of company where employees say things like, “Yeah, I quite like it here, I guess” or “If you can stomach all the enthusiasm, it’s not too bad a place to work.” More seriously, we’re a friendly team of grownups. We’ve built successful teams before. We’re in it for the long haul. We want to create an opportunity for all of us to do the best work of our lives. And we want to build a company that mixes the best of all the cultures we’ve worked in. To really boil it down, it’s all about a few things: a psychologically safe place; a supportive place where people feel really challenged by their work, and where there’s a clear upwards growth path for everyone. In our experience, success and fulfilment comes from focus, deliberation, giving people agency in their domain, and high quality feedback and time to grow. You can check out some of the team testimonials on Glassdoor (Hardly any threats were used to extract these.)

By the way, we’re very seriously committed to diversity. Not like “oh we did a diversity event” committed. We’re like build-the-team-to-be-diverse-from-the-start committed. We’re at >30% women on the team (including in engineering), women representation on our board of investors, and have representation of other ethnicities classically under-represented in tech. We want to achieve this not with “diversity initiatives” but by hiring and empowering a diverse team in the first place.

What’s the opportunity?

We’re looking for a recruiter to come mercenarily grind through LinkedIn profiles until we have enough bums in seats. Just kidding that sounds horrible. Who we really need is someone to help shape our hiring strategy and our team.

Honestly, this is one of those rare opportunities where a recruiter truly will make the difference. Cord is a big, bold product that’ll lives or dies on the quality of the design and engineering. That quality depends on the “density of talent”. As the founding member of the HR function, you’ll be able to help us shape our approach and culture.

This role is ideal for someone who had significant experience as a tech recruiter at great companies, ideally in-house (but at placement agency experience also works). This is a role for someone who wants to go early stage and setup a recruitment operation, with all the opportunity and scope that brings.

What will I be doing?

You’ll be assembling the parts of a recruitment engine and operating the parts that we haven’t hired for yet. You might be defining our employment brand one day and sourcing candidates the next. You’re both steering at 30,000 feet and sweeping the driveway. As we expand, you’ll be building a team around you and handing off duties. Our dream candidate is a flexible recruitment operator who can wear each of these hats (even if it means doing a crap job some things because it’s not their strength) and then delegate their work to more junior people when it’s time.

Big things:

Little, but important, things:

What can I bring?

What can you offer me?

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, send an email to with a link to your resume, and a bit about you.


Jun 16th, 2022

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