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We're looking for more humble, curious people who love their craft and are candid in sharing their thoughts and feelings. We're UK-based with a shiny new office in Shoreditch, East London.

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What’s it like to work at Cord?

“Rewarding, Intense and fun! There is plenty of space and freedom to grow as an individual, with a shocking amount of transparency about the business.”
Kat — Engineering
“You work on fast-moving projects with fun and friendly colleagues. There’s an emphasis on both solid technical expertise and practical customer outcomes.”
Gillian — Engineering
“I tried to have a go at this 3-4 times and all I could come up with was 'FLIPPING AMAZING' — so I’ll get back to you with a better caption later…”
Alberto — Engineering

What made you want to join Cord?

“I wanted to join Cord because I felt very aligned with what Cord are doing both in terms of the product and in terms of a business. We are building a tool to make people's working life better, and a company that makes peoples working life better”
Ben — Design

What did you do before Cord?

“Before Cord I worked on mobile and virtual reality social experiences as part of the engineering team at Facebook and Oculus.”
Andrei — Engineering
“I worked as an Architect and was introduced to coding on one of my projects. I enjoyed seeings things built and iterated over faster than it could be in architecture, and made the switch by enrolling in a bootcamp. I was fortunate enough to landed an internship here.”
My Hoa — Engineering
“A bunch of weird stuff. My respectable career path is: I started in branding, before leading design at FinTech startup GoCardless, and then joined Google as a designer on their developer publishing platform.”
Tom — Design

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Discover more about how we do things at Cord by taking a read of some of our most recent blog posts. We like to dive into things we care about show it off to the world.

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