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Complete collaboration out of the box

Collaboration API
Task manager integration
Slack integration
Add with 1 line of Javascript
To try internally with your team
Per month, for up to 100 of your accounts (capped at 1,000 monthly users)
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Top notch collaboration for the big dogs

Everything from Starter
Unlimited accounts and users
Custom Slack branding
Custom design
Dedicated partnership team
Priority support options
Advanced analytics
Early access to new features
Privacy-aware screenshots
Additional packages available
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Cord brings you the best collaboration experience on the web. We offer additional packages to our premium customers that connect directly with our Collaboration API. Contact sales to learn more.


Can I try Cord for free?

Yes! Get started for free now.

Anyone can try Cord with their teams for free. You can connect your company’s Slack workspace to start collaborating together inside your product. That way, your team can test it before offering it to your users. There’s no limit to how many people can try it, as long as they are in the same Slack workspace.

Once you’re ready to scale, a member of the Cord team will help you craft a plan that fits your needs.

Whats the difference between the Starter and Premium plans?

The Starter plan is best for teams that want to try Cord internally first, or companies who have up to 100 organisations (with up to 1,000 individual monthly active users).

The Starter plan includes everything from the Collaboration API, integrations with task managers and Slack. Implementation is a breeze – you can add it all with one line of JavaScript.

The Premium plan is for teams that are committed to providing the best collaboration experience for an unlimited amount of users.

With the Premium plan, you can customise the experience based on your product’s brand and voice. This plan also includes priority support options and a dedicated partnership team, advanced analytics, early access to new features, custom security features and access to additional packages and APIs.

You really don't charge per user? Why not?

Nope, our plans have fixed prices. We believe the price of collaboration shouldn’t grow as your success does. So, as your users start welcoming their teammates to collaborate with them in your product, Cord’s price stays the same. In fact, if you have over 1,000 users, you will get a bulk discount from the start.

What happens when I go over my monthly active organisations limit on the Starter plan?

If you go over your organisations or user limit on the Starter plan, a member of the Cord team will reach out about a bulk discount. In the meantime, Cord’s collaborative features won’t appear in accounts or users that are over the 100-account or 1,000-user limit.

Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?

Yes, and we can offer a discount for multi-year contracts.

Which task managers do you integrate with?

We integrate with Asana, Jira and Linear. To request another task manager, send us an email at

How does the Slack integration work?

People collaborating with Cord are able to connect their profile to a Slack account. That way, they already have a name, photo, and can see who’s already using Cord. They’re also able to invite more members of their Slack workspace by typing @ followed by any teammate’s name, just as they would expect.

By connecting Cord and Slack, your tool will become more of a hub for your users’ workflows. When a user is @mentioned or assigned a task in Cord, they’ll get a Slack message and can jump back into to your tool to continue the conversation in context. Users can easily share Cord conversations to Slack channels or private conversations and reply in a Slack thread.

Cord will never send a Slack message without permission from your users.

How can the Slack integration help grow my product?

Cord’s Slack integration helps you acquire more users. When your users connect their profile to a Slack account, they can easily @mention and invite more people from their team.

When users share an annotated screenshot to Slack or @mention someone in your product, it gets more people involved in the tool.

Can Cord help me understand how teams work together in my product?

Cord can help you understand the full user journey beyond the actions they take in your product.

By adding a collaborative layer to your product, you can understand your users’ team dynamics: who they report to, who do they need approval or feedback from, who are their stakeholders. This can inform your sales, customer support and product teams to offer a better user experience.

How does implementation work?

Our API docs are here. You’ll need to sign up to get an access token. Once you have that, we will work with your engineering team to implement the collaboration experience. This can take as little as a day.

How customizable is Cord?

You can customize the look and feel of Cord’s collaboration components entirely. You also control the messages that appear when users set up the collaboration, making sure it matches your brand’s voice and tone. You can adjust all of this in our developer console and using CSS variables.

How secure is Cord?

We take your users’ security as seriously as you do. That’s why we have security-minded engineers from leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft on our team. Our process is rigorous: We use industry-grade encryption and offer advanced security features based on your needs and product. For example, our Premium plan includes private S3 buckets and privacy-aware screenshots and each SaaS vendor decides where Cord appears on their product.

I have another question!

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