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Use Case Cord for bug reporting

Report, assign, and resolve bugs on your landing page or web product faster. Product managers, engineers, and designers alike will thank you.

QA doesn’t have to slow you down

Report bugs in 1 step

“It’s like having access to screenshots, Slack, Jira and our site without having to go to all 4.” Turn your comments on Cord into issues and alert your team via Slack.

Avoid unnecessary back and forths

Give your teammates everything they need: a screenshot of the issue, exactly where and when it appears plus a pin on the actual site or product.

Don’t lose track of what’s been done

Avoid the “What’s the status on __?” messages. Update the status and priority of any bugs you find in Cord or your task manager.

Key features for product teams

Nimrod Priell


Jun 22nd, 2020

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