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The world’s leading businesses use Cord to engage directly with users, boost productivity, and expand their reach.

Multiple users are commenting on a single frame in a video, showcasing Cord'as annotations feature.

Customer support

Delight your customers with live support, directly in your product. Speed up onboarding, streamline workflows, and keep track of conversations.

Use live chat, notifications, and rich integrations to meet your customers where they are.

  • Centralize all conversations related to a particular customer, making your product the single source of truth
  • Use Cord’s Events API to track and notify users of new messages and record conversations in other tools (like Zendesk or Hubspot)
  • Mirror and cross-post messages in Slack. Support teams can reply in-line to continue the conversation...even on their phones.
An illustration showcasing how you could use Cord's components and APIs to create a live customer support feature. In this example, a Customer Success Manager from Acme is introducing himself to a new client. The client asks the CSM to export a file as a .csv for their accounts team.

"Our CEO couldn't believe how fast we got to something fully-baked and super powerful. It would have taken us years to have built this in-house."

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Noam Ackerman
Entrepreneur in Residence,

Project management

Facilitate cross-organizational collaboration and drive efficiency. Make it easier for teams to do their best work, together.

An in-app notification shows that one employee has added another to the project Q4 Planning. A Slack message shows one employee asking another for feedback. Avatars, @mentions, and timestamps make the interaction richer.

Keep teams on track with in-app messaging, custom notifications, and integrated workflows.

  • Alert users when someone replies to a thread, reacts to a message, or @mentions them. Use our REST API to trigger custom notifications.
  • Build rich integrations with the task management tools your teams are already using like Jira, Asana, Monday, and Linear
  • Make it easy for users to keep track of tasks and stay on top of their to-dos by resolving (and unresolving) messges in their inbox

Editing, feedback & approval

Teams want to talk where they work. Make your tool the central node of communication for your users’ to keep them in-context, shorten feedback loops, and boost productivity.

Enable collaboration in documents, canvases, tables, dashboards, and videos with real-time chat, annotations, page presence, and notifications.

  • Automatically send screenshots to users when they’re @mentioned so it’s clear what’s being talked about
  • Show who’s working where and when with live typing indicators, live cursors, and last visit tooltips
  • Use our example library to re-create the commenting experience in Google Docs or Figma pixel-by-pixel
Multiple users are collaborating in a document, demonstrated by live cursors and avatars. The live cursors are labelled, showing the Head of Marketing and a Copywriter working together to edit a document.

AI chatbots

Use Cord’s SDK to create a slick, intuitive interface for your AI chatbot or AI assistant.

A chat interface shows one user asking an AI Assistant to summarize a document. The AI Assistant responds, with a summary of the three main themes covered. The company logo for OpenAI is featured as an example of an LLM that could be used to facilitate this sort of workflow.

Everything you need to create an AI-Human chat interface your customers will love. Create a chat bot with formatted responses, typing indicators, and notifications.

  • With Cord’s chatbot SDK, you can integrate any popular LLM.
  • Build a chatbot with OpenAI now using our AI chatbot example GitHub repository.
  • Easily allow multiple people to talk to an AI... together. This could be to brainstorm, analyze data, or onboard new customers.
  • Keep track of users’ conversations and analyze the messages that are being sent. Use this information to inform your product roadmap, marketing strategy, and more.

In-app inboxes

An inbox with all the bells and whistles. Everything your users need to start, track, and manage conversations and projects in one place.

An in-app inbox shows three notifications on the left, alerting a particular user that they have been @mentioned, replied to, and added to a new group. On the right, a cropped conversation thread shows two people discussing the design for a logo. The latest response in the thread includes an attachment of the finished logo.

Enable people and teams to manage complex workflows directly in your product. Great for cross-organizational collaboration, online marketplaces, and more.

  • Combine different UI primitives to create a customized inbox to meet your customer’s unique needs, and use CSS to style fonts, colors, and sizes to ensure it feels 100% native to your product
  • Get a killer notification system out-of-the-box, complete with pagination, bagging logic, and real-time updates, and use our APIs to trigger custom workflows in your app
  • Enable users to communicate more clearly with rich inline text support (including markdown), file attachments, @mentions, emoji reactions, and more

What will you build?

Re-imagine your product with rich, real-time chat and collaboration. Better workflows mean happier users that stay engaged and retained. Win-win.

A collage of real-time chat and collaboration features, including a text composer, timestamped comment, face pile, thread, notification, and emoji reactions.

Learn about our SDK

Get collaboration up and running in your product in minutes, with complete control of the UX. Explore our UI Elements, Primitives, and APIs to understand why developers love building with our SDK.

A thread, avatar, and live cursor are combined to show a comment and reply on a whiteboard canvas.

Check out our demo apps

We’ve mixed and matched components to show you what’s possible with Cord. Use our demo apps and open source code to re-create the commenting experience in Figma and Google Docs pixel by pixel.

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